We stock a full bar that includes a large selection of scotch and bourbon. We also feature a line of our favorite martinis and cocktails for you to choose from. We change our cocktail menu seasonally and generally stock new and seasonal liqueurs. We also proudly specialize in coffee cocktails. Everything from simple Kahlua Lattes to our almost famous Cognitive -  Coffee, Bailey's Irish Cream & Whiskey. Menu →


Our food menu consists of made-to-order munchies, pananis, personal pizza pies and fondues perfect for one, two or more people. We are pretty proud how much tasty niblets we churn out from our little kitchen. We also carry a couple of cheesecakes and dessert fondues that always please a sweet tooth. Our cheesecakes are made locally by Sweet Suzie and we occasionally have a hard time keeping them in stock. Menu →

Beer & Wine

We carry more than 80 beers, most all of the craft variety. If your tastes run simple, we have you covered. But if you're a more sophisticated beer drinker, we carry great drafts and bottles from such breweries as Stone, Prairie, Avery, Deschutes, Bells, Goose Island, Mothers, White River, SBC, Boulevard, Big Sky...the list goes on & on. Or if wine is your thing then check out Monday night, it's half price wine night. Girlfriends Unite.  Menu →