A Mudhouse Wrap (It's Cheesy)


A Wrap

Yeah, yeah
Ayo, customers, it's time.
It's time, customers (aight, customers, begin).
Straight out of Springfield, MO.

The wrap drops deep as does my coffee.
I never skip breakfast, 'cause to eat makes me happy.
Beyond the walls of wraps, life is defined.
I think of love when I'm in a Mudhouse state of mind.

In a Mudhouse state of mind.

What more could you ask for? The Boom-Boom? The Pappy?
The Jo-Jo is vegan, we are all so so happy.
I gotta love - somebody still speaks for the stomach.

I'm rappin' to the cheese,
And I'm gonna move your feet.

Delectable, amazing, yellow, like an egg
Y’all, I tell you, I think you deserve it.

I can't take the wait, I’ve got to eat breakfast.
For 4.95, Mudhouse burritos await.

I'm rappin' to the cheese,
And I'm gonna move your feet.

Yea, yas, in a Mudhouse state of mind.

When I was young I sometimes skipped the breakfast.
I walked into Mudhouse and tried the Pappy.
I never thought I'd have more than coffee.
Ain't a soul alive that could change my mind.

The Mudhouse’s burritos made to order.

Thinking of love. Yaaaas, thinking of love (love).



April, Earth Month

April is Earth month and the 22nd is Earth Day. Here at the Mudhouse, everyday is Earth Day. We compost, we recycle, and we buy Fair Trade, organic beans.

As stated by Finley Farms, “Composting is the most important action humans can take to regenerate our planet." Composting is the process of recycling various organic materials to produce a soil conditioner that helps plants grow. Here at Mudhouse Coffee, Finley Farms helps us compost our coffee grounds.

We recycle and encourage our customers to use our ceramics/glassware rather than take our paper cups to-go. Our cups are filled with our organic beans. Organic coffee beans are produced without pesticides and herbicides in a way that does not have an adverse affect on the environment. Traditionally, coffee crops are planted after clearing trees and brush. Part of the organic coffee bean movement emphasizes shade grown coffees- coffee beans planted under and around existing vegetation.

For our Mudfam, we all enjoy/love on our Earth some type of way. If the weather allows, many of us will walk or bike to work. We enjoy using natural, sustainable products and we do our best to support the local economy by purchasing from 417-based businesses. We also support ethical, fair-trade industries and companies whenever possible.

But, let’s be honest- our love for Mother Earth can be selfish. As Logan, one of our fantastic Baristas, puts it-

“Most of my goodness towards the Earth manifests themselves in selfishness; for example, walking, my heaviest exhalations are absorbed by nearby trees and grass much more delicate and fair than driving is to the earth, but the bulk of why I walk is for the psychological and physiological effects on my body, mind, and heart."

We love our Springfield community. We love our Earth. There are wild, wonderful, and beautiful places that could use our love. What better time to take a step and challenge ourselves to do better? Tell us, how do you improve our Earth?

As always, come get your Mud love, but not at night- our lights will be off. ;-)


The MudFam



Mud Menu

 Our new hand drawn menu by one of our baristas, Taylor Dye.

Our new hand drawn menu by one of our baristas, Taylor Dye.

Celebrate love every day. Love for yourself. Love for others. Love for animals. Love for our planet.

At the Mudhouse, our mission is to spread love. We take social responsibility seriously.

We know a plant-based diet is proven to decrease your risk of heart disease and how animal agriculture is a leading cause of deforestation and climate change. We've known we needed to begin the transition to vegan options, so a new vegan driven menu was born! We bring fresh and innovative options guaranteed to be crowd pleasers, for vegans and non vegans alike.

We have three dairy-free options: almond milk, coconut milk, and soy. We have an array of plant-based soups: Kale Curry Cauliflower, Thai Peanut Butternut Squash, Tomato Garlic and Thyme, and Mushroom Red Potato. Our plant-based sandwiches and salad: Hummus Wrap, Beet Hummus Wrap, Curry Chickpea Salad Wrap, and Golden State Salad. And we offer a Hummus Plate, which makes for a perfect snack.

Stop by for lunch or dinner between 10am to 8pm. Our food is highly nutritious, and just as delicious!

Take care of your heart. Be a conscious world citizen. And remember, love makes the world go round.


The Mudfam