Our new hand drawn menu by one of our baristas, Taylor Dye.

Our new hand drawn menu by one of our baristas, Taylor Dye.

Celebrate love every day. Love for yourself. Love for others. Love for animals. Love for our planet.

At the Mudhouse, our mission is to spread love. We take social responsibility seriously.

We know a plant-based diet is proven to decrease your risk of heart disease and how animal agriculture is a leading cause of deforestation and climate change. We've known we needed to begin the transition to vegan options, so a new vegan driven menu was born! We bring fresh and innovative options guaranteed to be crowd pleasers, for vegans and non vegans alike.

We have three dairy-free options: almond milk, coconut milk, and soy. We have an array of plant-based soups: Kale Curry Cauliflower, Thai Peanut Butternut Squash, Tomato Garlic and Thyme, and Mushroom Red Potato. Our plant-based sandwiches and salad: Hummus Wrap, Beet Hummus Wrap, Curry Chickpea Salad Wrap, and Golden State Salad. And we offer a Hummus Plate, which makes for a perfect snack.

Stop by for lunch or dinner between 10am to 8pm. Our food is highly nutritious, and just as delicious!

Take care of your heart. Be a conscious world citizen. And remember, love makes the world go round.


The Mudfam